Winning Guide - by The Race Analyst

The ultimate guide to help you win consistently from horse racing.
A lifetime of racing knowledge revealed.
Information not just relative to Australia, but also the US,UK,
Japan,Hong Kong and other countries.
All you need to know to be successful including:

  • Race horse types, styles and capabilities - Arrogate, Winx, Frankel, Black Caviar, why are these horses the best? find out how to recognise the better horses and know what separates them from the others
  • In race variables and outcomes - what can effect the result of a horse race and the performance of a race horse?
  • Race merit and how to calculate it - discover which races are the best form races using sectional par times, this unique and valuable method is suitable for use worldwide
  • Identifying race pace precisely - with the pace workout table you can find out the exact pace of each race so you know which horses were advantaged and which horses were disadvantaged relative to the pace
  • Track bias - what is it, what are the different types and how to recognise and measure it
  • Track variant - what is a track variant, and how to calculate it each race day using sectional par times
  • In running factors - find out the cost in lengths of in running advantages and disadvantages
  • Weight cost chart - with this chart you can instantly see what the real effect weight has on a race horse over different distances
  • Winning chances - what are your real chances of winning when you place a bet?
Available by instant self download in microsoft word format

Price - $650.00

winning guide